Sing Party

Sing Party is a party karaoke game developed by FreeStyleGames and published by Nintendo for the Wii U.

The game includes a variety of different modes. In Party Mode, the lead singer can read the song lyrics on the Wii U GamePad, allowing them to face the other players. The other players can join in the fun by following the cues from the physical performance of the singers, singing the background vocals and dancing along with the moves shown on the television screen.

In Sing Mode, players can sing by themselves or as a duet with harmonies. As the song is performed, their vocal qualities are scored and evaluated on the TV in real time.

  • Release Date: Nov 2012 (NA), Jan 2013 (EU)
  • WiiU
  • Music, Karaoke
  • FreeStyleGames / Nintendo

Key personal contributions

  • Ported renderer and other systems to WiiU
  • Modularized in-house engine
  • 3D text system used for lyrics
  • Performance optimisation
  • Video playback
  • TCR/TRC/XR compliance