About Me


I have been a software engineer within the games industry for over 15 years. During this time I have worked on numerous published and unannounced titles in a variety of engineering roles.

Contributions have included rendering, engine development, gameplay, tools, prototyping, platform porting and web services. I primarily develop with C++ and C# with recent game development being on title specific changes for Unreal Engine 4.

Engine Development

The majority of my career has been spent implementing core engine systems for multi-platform titles from memory managers to multi-platform renderers. I pride myself on being an amplifier for others within the development teams by abstracting away platform complexity and providing solutions to hard problems.

Recent work included the PC version of Sea of Thieves and a variety of tools and systems to improve visibility of memory usage.


Modern rendering techniques have always been a key interest of mine and I have implemented a variety of rendering techniques across many public or proprietary rendering APIs and platforms. This included building a multi-platform rendering library across 8 platforms that scaled from mobile to Xbox One and PS4.

Beyond recent work within Unreal Engine 4, I have also been slowly been developing my own engine to test rendering concepts with such as GPU particles.

Data Analytics

I regularly analyze game telemetry to find defects and improve player experiences. This includes developing larger tools to support other engineers and departments such as Customer Services. Development here often involves writing custom queries in a variety of languages such as Kusto and SQL.

Security & Privacy

I have a keen interest in privacy and security in an increasingly hostile online world. My efforts in this area have included anti-cheat, anti-piracy, anti-tamper, security hardening, encryption and GDPR compliance.

Full Stack Development

Outside of games development I have developed several web applications to fill identified niches. This includes a CCTV monitoring system (Project Witness) with a patent pending motion detection system, and a structured debate tool called RationalVote.

Development platforms